A Long Term Commitment

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One of the first questions an prospective new reptile owner asks (and in all honestly, sometimes doesn’t ask but should) is how long will my new pet live. Given proper care, many reptiles will live a very long time. While there are some that have lifespans in the area of 5 years, pets like a […]

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Reptile Expos

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A great place to buy all sorts of things reptile related is a “reptile expo”.  These are generally held at various locations anywhere from once a year to several times a year and can be a great way to explore everything about owning a reptile. You can find if there are any expos in your […]

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Plan Before You Buy

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I can’t stress this enough! Before you go out and buy your first reptile (or any pet for that matter), do your research! Plan what you will need to have ready to ensure a smooth transition bringing a live animal into your home. Make sure you know the requirements of your new reptile’s habitat; Think […]

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